Morvan Guide, Burgundy

Our mini guide to the Morvan, in Burgundy, to start discovering the region and take advantage of some good tips!

Welcome to the Morvan, a small, unspoilt mountain. It is a semi-mountainous and very forested territory that you will discover in Burgundy. This mini guide to the Morvan does not claim to be exhaustive: it simply aims to introduce you to the must-see sites, museums, activities and a few good tips in the Morvan!

Good plans in Morvan

Very good plans in the Morvan, just for you.

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Must-sees in Morvan

The must-see sites in our Morvan guide. Go and visit them, you won’t be disappointed.

Mont Beuvray

Mont Beuvray is a major site in the Morvan. Home to the oppidum that was the capital of the Aedui, the magnificent site houses the Bibracte site and museum.


It is impossible to visit the Morvan without visiting Autun. Visit Roman Autun, medieval Autun, its museums and its cathedral. To explore it all you will have to return several times.


Very old town, on the site of an ancient Aeduan oppidum. Discover its ramparts, its medieval houses and gardens, its collegiate church and also its museum and its costume exhibition centre.


Very pretty village, listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. To visit: its basilica and its museum of modern art.


Small tourist town with many shops. You can visit its basilica and the François Pompon museum.


Visit this medieval town with its medieval canals. It is here that you can visit the Charolais livestock museum.

Pannecière Lake

The largest lake in Morvan, still wild. Birdwatching point downstream. Ideal for fishing.

Pannecière Lake

Settons Lake

The most touristic lake of Morvan. Supervised swimming. Beautiful walkway on the lake. See its nautical base for its aquatic activities.

Lake Saint-Agnan

Nice lake, not very touristy. Discovery trail.

Lake Chaumençon

Large dam lake, possibility of water sports activities

Crescent Lake

Large dammed lake for swimming. Possibility to practice water activities.

Saint Brisson

Nice walks around Saint-Brisson. Do not miss Morvan Park house which offers, in addition to the resistance museum and the men and landscapes house, a park with a discovery trail, a good bistro and much more!

Canche gorges

Natural site, white water, waterfalls. Steep, fairly sporting route.

Narvau gorges

Near Lormes: gorges, cliffs, waterfalls.

Saut de Gouloux

Signposted path to the waterfall. A nice little walk, even for the little ones.

Gouloux waterfall

Carnival rocks

Summit of the Uchon granite massif at 650 metres altitude. Nice walk, panorama at the top.

Sites and Museums of Morvan

A selection of sites and museums in the Morvan. If art, culture or history is your thing, have a look at this section!


Archaeological museum on the Gaul culture and oppidum on Mount Beuvray.

Mont Beuvray, 71990 Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray

Vézelay Basilica

Beautiful Romanesque church on a hilltop. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

89450 Vézelay

Zevros Museum

Remarkable museum of modern art exhibiting notably Picasso, Miro …

14 Rue Saint-Etienne, 89450 Vézelay

Bazoches Castle

The castle where Vauban lived.

Château de Bazoches, 58190 Bazoches

Saint Lazarus Cathedral

Gothic cathedral of Autun, dating from the 12th century.

Place du Terreau, 71400 Autun

Rollin Museum

Important museum of Burgundian art. Ancient, Romanesque, modern and contemporary Gothic rooms. Temporary exhibitions in partnership with the Louvre Museum

3 Rue des Bancs, 71400 Autun

Avallonais Museum

Various collections including archaeological and silverware.

Jardin Jacques Schiever, Impasse du Collège, 89200 Avallon

Costume Exhibition Centre

The history of clothing since the 18th century. Several thousand pieces

Jardin Jacques Schiever, Impasse du Collège, 89200 Avallon

Thil Fortress

On top of a hill, a very old castle. Ideal for children.

1 Chemin de Thil, 21390 Maison Dieu, Vic-sous-Thil

Castle of Chastellux-sur-Cure

Large fortress built from the 11th century. Beautiful park.

Château de Chastellux, 89630 Chastellux-sur-Cure

Salt fountains

Important archaeological site in the Morvan. Occupied since the Neolithic period. Ruins from the Roman period.

Route de Pierre-Perthuis, 89450 Saint-Père

Men and Landscapes House

History of the Morvan museum

Maison du Parc, 58230 Saint-Brisson
Lien du musée

Rye House

Museum on rye, the main crop of the Morvan before its reforestation

Mairie, 21430 Ménessaire
Lien du musée

Vauban museum

Museum on the history of Vauban, a native of the northern Morvan.

4 place Vauban, 89630 Saint-Léger-Vauban
Lien du musée

Museum of Nannies and Children in Public Care

Museum on the history of Morvan nannies and children placed in public care in the Morvan.

Le Bourg, 58230 Alligny-en-Morvan

Galvachers’ Museum

Museum on the history of these Morvan peasants who hired out their services and those of their oxen while roaming.

Place centrale, 71550 Anost
Lien du musée

Charolais and Livestock Museum

Museum on the Charolais breed, of which the Morvan is a breeding ground.

4 rue de la Mission, 58290 Moulins-Engilbert
Lien du musée

Resistance Museum

Museum about the resistance to the German occupation during the Second World War in the Morvan.

Maison du Parc, 58230 Saint-Brisson

House of the oral heritage of Burgundy

Stories, patois, folk dances and more generally the intangible culture of the region

Place de la bascule, 71550 Anost

Saint Andoche Basilica

Remarkable capitals and stalls.

4 place Dr Roclore, 21210 Saulieu

François Pompon Museum

Museum in honour of François Pompon, a sculptor from Saulieu.

1 Place du Docteur Roclore 21210 Saulieu

Activities on land in Morvan

Here we present you with some nature-based tourist activities to do in the Morvan… with your feet on the ground!

Scooter hire

Rides on electric scooters:

28 route des Settons, 58230 Alligny en Morvan

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  • 2€ discount per person on some scooter tours for travellers from Les Meulots*
  • Discounted ticket for the Nanny Museum
  • Negotiated menu at the Auberge du Morvan

(*) Offer valid for hikes of 1.5 hours or more and excluding the goat farm and local produce hikes

Bike hire

electric bike hire :

28 route des Settons, 58230 Alligny en Morvan
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Good plan :

  • Free delivery of bikes to the gîte

Cap Extrême
Le Bourg, 58140 Brassy

Accrobranche (tree climbing)

Accrobranche Auxois Morvan
Route Royale, 21390 Le Val-Larrey


Vélorail du Bazois Morvan
La Gare, 58120 Château-Chinon Campagne

Vélorail du Morvan
Gare, route départementale 26, 71540 Cordesse


Domaine de Courcelles
Domaine de Courcelles, 58120 Saint-Hilaire-en-Morvan

Les escapades de Stéphane
Asinerie du Pré de la Rose, 58140 Lormes


On the Haut-Folin, if the winter brings snow, you can go cross-country skiing on 40 km of trails.
It is also possible to go snowshoeing, dog sledding or tobogganing.

Association SKIMO

Water activities in Morvan

There are many water activities, in white water or not, in the Morvan, so take advantage of them!

Canoeing / Kayaking / Rafting / Hydrospeed

AB Loisirs
La Cure

AN Rafting
Le Chalaux / La Cure

Raft’n Morvan
Le Chalaux / La Cure et au Lac de Chaumençon

Angie, le feu de l’eau
Le Chalaux / La Cure / La Basse-Cure et au Lac de Chaumençon

Nautical bases

Lac des Settons nautical base
Lac des Settons, 58230 Montsauche-les-Settons


Route de St Germain de Modéon, 21530 La Roche-en-Brénil

Thermal baths

Thermes de Saint-Honoré-les-Bains
Thermal baths, spa and swimming pool
Avenue du Docteur Segard, 58360 Saint-Honoré-les-Bains

Air activities over the Morvan

Are you more into aerial activities? Find out what you can do to see the Morvan from above.

Hot air balloon

France Montgolfière
89450 Vézelay

Flying Clubs

Aéroclub du Morvan
Aérodrome de Bellevue, 71400 Autun

Aéroclub de l’Avallonnais
Route d’Annéot, 89200 Avallon

Aéroclub Saulieu Liernais
La Justice, 21210 Saint-Martin-de-la-Mer

Morvan terroir

Some good addresses for tasting local products in the Morvan

Honey shops

Les ruchers du Morvan
Le Port de l’Homme, 58120 Château-Chinon Campagne


Charcuterie Bougerolle
42 rue du Marché 21210 Saulieu


Auberge la Queue du Lac
Le Haut Forgot 58230 Moux-en-Morvan

Auberge du Morvan
Auberge du Morvan 58230 Alligny en Morvan

Bistrot du Parc
Maison du parc 58230 Saint-Brisson


Chèvrerie du Palaizot
Chèvrerie de Palaizot, 58230 Moux-en-Morvan

A place, an activity or a producer is not listed in our mini-guide to the Morvan? contact-us !